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About us

Who is hiding behind the TriggerFairy®?
The TriggerFairy® is highly motivated to do good to all those who carry tensions with them. That spark came to me in a second. Since the end of 2019, I have been telling the TriggerFairy where her work is… Up to now, I have always been concerned with people’s health, in very different areas. It is great fun to use the TriggerFairy® and the reactions show that many people can relax with the TriggerFairy®.
The MassageFee or TriggerFairy was invented by Daniela Trinkl, who, after a sports injury to her shoulder, was unable to reach the part of her back that caused her pain. One therapist pressed the trigger point too hard, the next one too little and the next but one did not find it. She tried to find a solution for a self treatment. A friend took a piece of metal and bent it so that she could reach the trigger point herself. This was the birth of the MassageFee or TriggerFairy, as it is called internationally.
In order for the TriggerFairy to develop further, I am happy to receive your ideas. I am looking forward to your suggestions and ideas for improvement of any kind. Thank you very much

Andreas Kühnel

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