Feel yourself!

Hold the TriggerFairy® loosely by the handle and bring it to pull.

Scan your back systematically and enjoy the self-massage.


The TriggerFairy® serves as a reminder: take a deep breath, sit upright, relax your shoulders.

Your tensions will be history

Personal hygiene increases the quality of life.


Fields of application of the TriggerFairy®:


Massage, stroke, press, tap




Muscle building and training of the arms


Breathe, relax, recharge your batteries

First steps: Feeling the body

It is best to sit down comfortably and breathe deeply.
Relax both shoulders and arms, with the elbows resting loosely against the body.
No one can feel your body better than you can. First, feel with your fingers and spread the stress out on your neck, neck and arms. Work systematically, like brushing your teeth.

Application: Massage, brush, press, tap

Hold the TriggerFairy® loosely by the handle and place the head on the back muscles. The elbows rest relaxed against the body! Pull the TriggerFairy® with both hands. Feel your back in this way.

Bring the TriggerFairy® forward on pull

Take off the TriggerFairy® and use the weight of the arm

Use chair back for leverage

Strike out


Brush along the body


Intensity and duration

Determine intensity and duration according to your own well-being. Enjoy relaxation with the TriggerFairy® for example several times a day for about 5 minutes.


Stretching is an effective compensation and can support the relaxation of the muscles.

Muscle building/ Training

The training of the arms results from the manual property of the TriggerFairy®.
This not only provides relaxation for the back, but also for strong and beautiful arms.

This manual does not provide a diagnosis. The causes of back pain can be many and varied, and a doctor should be consulted to determine the symptoms. The use of the MassageFee® does not constitute a healing treatment or therapy.
Not a medical device.

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