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Customer Feedback

Dr. Christina Serran, Kassel

KopfYoga & TriggerFairy has given us all joy of life. For everyone who works on a PC – recommendable!

Heiko Lausch, Zurich

In stressful situations, the Massage Fairy gives me the necessary calmness to continue working in a concentrated way. Super product!

Nadia Neugebauer, Munich

When I come home from computer work totally exhausted in the evening, I can relax wonderfully in front of the television with the TriggerFairy.

Mr. Christian Fischer, Frankfurt

Fantastic invention! I used to use the door frame for scratching – now I can scratch and massage myself. The massage function is excellent!

Mrs. Susanna Solèr, Switzerland

Dear Mrs. Trinkl, I must say, the Massage Fairy is super! I have gone through a lot because of my back, it didn’t help much! But with the TriggerFairy I can relax my back wonderfully – it really helps. It is a great invention, thank you very much. Best regards, Susanna Solèr

Daniela Haag, Berlin

On business trips the TriggerFairy is my faithful companion… Car, PC & hotel beds are neck killers. Thank you dear Massage Fairy.

Marie-Luise Kurt, Hamburg

I LOVE IT. Nothing relaxes my neck better!

Rosemarie Lechner, Innsbruck

When I work in an advertising agency I am confronted with mental stress due to time pressure and long periods of sitting. With my TriggerFairy, which is always ready for me on my desk, I create valuable islands of relaxation. A really good fairy!

Mr. Uwe Temmler, Berlin

Since today I have another reason to be enthusiastic about Austria. Delivery super fast. Your product simply top!!!!! You really understand something about it. I am already fully convinced after one day. Super!!!!

Carsten Lux, Bremen

Hello Mrs. Trinkl, the massage fairy has arrived and we are thrilled how efficient she works! As we have already presented the massage fairy to friends, I “fear” that I will soon have to place another order with you. Many greetings from Bremen, Carsten Lux

Dr. Bach, Cologne

The Massage Fairy convinced me 100%.

Markus Bauer, Munich

Some days I sit at my PC and everything is cramped, then the TriggerFairy gives me relaxation and strength! Thanks a lot.

Monika Götz, Eichenau

Since I like knitting a lot for my family, I often feel a burning sensation in my neck. Thanks to the Massage Fairy I can now knit longer without any problems.

Mrs. Monika Bauer, Passau

Great value for money!! I am absolutely thrilled with the effect of the TriggerFairy.

Mrs. Kathrina Hovorak, Zell am See

I am thrilled! With the TriggerFairy I can clean my “wings”. My back is looser than ever!

Mrs. Ingeborg Töpfer, Vienna

I use the massage fairy at the office. In stressful situations, when I strain, the Massage Fairy gives me relaxation and serenity.


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